The Series Comes back for a race this summer on September 25-26 and 27th at the iCar circuit in Mirabel, Québec!

Fred and Frank Angers, co-owners of PARA Performance Speed Shop teams up with Luskville Dragway Promoter Arnie Malcolm to hold a big money race at iCar next September.

Project initiater, businessman and driver, Fred Angers began having discussions with the iCar circuit staff a couple of months ago. Angers knowledge behind organizing acceleration events is far from beyond with being the creator and manager of the operations behind the PARA-DRQ Series which were held at Sanair between 2008 and 2010.

‘’With the success of the Intertrack races between Luskville and iCar in the last couple of years, it was important to pursue the tradition of holding these events’’ added Malcolm his associate for the event.

This 3-Day race will be part of the Luskville’s NAPA Money tour and should be held on September 25-26 and 27th at the iCar circuit in Mirabel, Québec.

The activities will start by having a Friday Night Gamblers Race and be followed for the rest of the weekend with Super Pro & Semi Pro races. The winners in Super Pro will each win 5000$ and for Semi Pro they will win 2000$.

As always, all PARA-DRQ Series Races comes with a 100% Payouts assured!

More details will be added on and on Luskville Dragway’s website.

Another huge Drag Racing Weekend to put on your 2015 schedule!